Seth Meyers isn't set to take over Late Night until Feb. 24, but with his time at Saturday Night Live's Weekend Update coming to an end this weekend, it was pretty much the perfect time for him to stop by the show and have a little chat with current Late Night host (and future Tonight Show host) Jimmy Fallon...and also get some ceremonial stuff out of the way. Like, for instance: The handing over of the giant pickle, which has been passed down from host to host since David Letterman left it in 1993 to Conan O'Brien. Kind of a big deal!

This is actually the first time that we've seen one host handing down the giant ceremonial pickle to another on screen—usually it happens behind the scenes, as Uproxx points out—making this clip all the more important in Late Night history and, really, television history all together. Watch above.

[via Uproxx]