In a story that includes at least four sordid turns, a 16-year-old Glendale, Ariz. girl strangled her boyfriend to death with an extension cord during sex last Saturday. Her boyfriend happened to be 43-years-old, and all of this went down with her mother in the other room. 

The age of consent in Arizona is 18, so Jason Ash shouldn't have been sleeping with Jessica Burlew in the first place. What's worse, Burlew's mother, Tracy Woodside, was fully aware that her daughter was having legally non-consensual sex with a grown-ass man, she just didn't give enough of a damn to do anything about it. She didn't seem to care until she saw Ash's dead body in her house.

The Maricopa County Attorney's Office has elected to charge Burlew with second-degree murder as an adult, even though the sexual relationship she was having with Ash wasn't legal. If you know anything about how the law is handled in Maricopa County, this won't surprise you.

[via Jezebel and the Arizona Republic]