Today The Guardian posted a cool profile on king of comedy Jerry Seinfeld, where the sitcom legend gives a state of address on his current comic endeavors and keeping busy as an elder statesman. The whole piece is worth a close read, as Seinfeld drops knowledge on productivity, marriage, and the impetus behind his current web series Comedians in Cars Getting Coffee, but the most eye-catching excerpt is when he reveals that he keeps his stand-up act (which he still obsessively hones at random comedy clubs in the tri-state area) relatively free of sex and swearing, because those are easy laughs:

"A person who can defend themselves with a gun is just not very interesting. But a person who defends themselves through aikido or tai chi? Very interesting. It's so much easier when you're talking about something that really is important. You've already got a better foundation than someone who's bringing up something that does not need to be discussed. I do a lot of material about the chair. I find the chair very funny. That excites me. No one's really interested in that—but I'm going to get you interested! That, to me, is just a fun game to play. And it's the entire basis of my career."

Read the full piece here.

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[via TheGuardian]