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Innex, one of the major distributors of the Retro N series of old-school video game cartridge adapters recently announced their line of PC gaming gear. Asuri is the company’s soon-to-be released collection of keyboards, mice and mousepads. At first glance there’s an immediate design connection to Razer’s products but what Asuri plans to bring to the table is a dramatically lower price for a quality product. These include keyboards with macros support, backlighting and mice with various tracking features like the more expensive brands.

Here is the breakdown for the Asuri line that will hit retail later this year:

The Rangda 888 (pictured above)
Price: $30 

Asuri Alastor
Price: $35 

Asuri Orcus
Price: $40

Asuri Vassago
Price: $50

Innex is also working on a mechanical keyboard called the Atula which will retail for $90. While it wasn't out for show, here is a shot of the version they've got so far.

Rounding off the Asuri line are mousepads for gamers who are more particular about getting the perfect amount of traction. Asuri's pads will come in standard cloth and rubber and aluminum. The great news is that they will also be easy on the pockets.

The rubber mousepads will come in small ($10), medium ($13) and large sizes ($17) with the aluminum premium pads coming in one size for $20.

There still isn't a firm release date as Innex is still fine tuning features and aesthetics. The prices are set though and that means a hell of a deal, especially for folks dabbling in PC gaming but don't want to sacrifice a pro-level experience.