So, just ICYMI, Idris Elba recently tweeted one of the best messages ever to Girls creator and star Lena Dunham:

Idris Elba on Girls! Hopefully, everyone involved realizes right now that this needs to happen—after all, Elba was perfect on The Office, so he's got good comedy chops.

But, just for curiosity's sake, what prompted the tweet and mention of selfies? Turns out, Elba actually appeared on the British BBC One/BBC America comedy show The Graham Norton Show recently with Dunham, and the pair managed to hit it off while instructing an adorable Scandinavian girl in the audience how to reply to a text from an English guy who was blowing her off. Dunham and Elba's solution: Dunham told her to respond, "I'm slightly unimpressed by your manouvers, try again," while Elba added a selfie of himself with the caption, "and this is my boyfriend."

See the funny clip for yourself here:

So, mystery solved, for anyone who was wondering. Now, can we all collectively agree right now that Elba needs to be on Girls next season? 

[via idriselba/Twitter]