One month into his new job and everybody's already pointing the finger at Bill de Blasio. Homicides increased during his first month as mayor of New York City, and folks are already giving him the side-eye. "Forkgate" must've really rubbed some New Yorkers the wrong way. 

Yesterday, the New York Post ran a story about how murders had increased compared to January 2013. Citing statistics also released yesterday, the Post said that there have been 28 homicides in the city this month, a 33 percent increase over last January. The Post added that fewer guns have been recovered, as well.

According to a source, this is the direct result of de Blasio's anti-stop-and-frisk stance:

The source blamed de Blasio’s anti-stop-and-frisk push for the uptick in slayings. “This is the residual effect of de Blasio’s backlash against stop-and-frisk,’’ the source said. “Cops aren’t stopping people and taking guns off the street, which emboldens the criminals,” the source said.

The Post is also quick to note that while there have also been spikes in rapes and felonies since Jan. 1, there have also been decreases in robberies, grand larcenies and burglaries.

Still, NYPD Spokesman Stephen Davis maintained the most realistic perspective on these new (heavy emphasis on "new") statistics. "One cannot take an arbitrary 26 days, out of a 365-day year and draw a reliable inference for a yearly assessment," he said. Exactly

Someone tell that to Joe Lhota, who's still salty about his loss to de Blasio. Anyway, it's entirely too early to start blaming de Blasio for anything—snow and trash included.

[via New York Post]