People love excess and egregious displays of...anything. Sometimes, over-the-top is the way to go. That's why the Guangzhou Circle Building in China is simultaneously hated and adored.

At 138 meters tall, it basically looks like a giant, gold doughnut. The two companies that will soon open their headquarters in the recently-constructed building will get a kick out of telling people that they work there. That, or they'll be horribly ashamed. 

According to architect Joseph di Pasquale, the design is an "urban logo" inspired by what The Atlantic Cities calls "the ideogram-based nature of Chinese writing." However, that hasn't stopped people from clowning it endlessly:

But for everyone else, the Circle Building is perhaps the country's largest single manifestation of "Tuhao Jin" (literally "gold of the unrefined and wealthy"), a viral term lately used to mock the country's nouveau riche.

While it might be just a bit outrageous, it will make for great photography. Anyone who thinks it's ugly can just take "hate photos."

[via The Atlantic Cities]