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Rockstar has released a brand new update for Grand Theft Auto V and Online to clamp down on cheaters. If for instance, you're making all your cash in GTA Online through game exploits consider yourself warned – you're now in the danger zone.

The update includes new “anti-cheating measures” as well as a “fix for several GTA$ and RP exploits” according to Rockstar's Support page.

Rockstar has been putting up regular updates for its mega hit game of last year including new maps, jobs and tons of new missions.

Rockstar said late last year that players who receive massive cash drops from random cheaters – which happens surprisingly frequently – will not be punished but those cheaters are officially warned.

Are you still kickin' it in Los Santos or have you moved on? Rockstar is releasing a bunch of updates but which one do you want to see? What about that long delayed heist creator?

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[Via Rockstar Support]