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Despite disappointing Sir Patrick Stewart, it seems Bill de Blasio has found an ally in the Great Pizza Foul Heard 'Round the World

The fork that Mayor de Blasio used to eat smoked mozzarella pizza at Staten Island's Goodfella's Pizza last Friday is now officially an artifact, as the pizzeria has preserved it in an NYPD evidence bag supplied by co-owner Marc Consentino, a retired police sergeant.

"A fork and knife is the best way; we make gourmet pizza," Andrew Scuvera—the man who made the pizza—told DNAinfo. Consentino told the New York Times that people have been visitng Goodfella's to be photographed with the famous fork, so of course they're going to work this to their advantage. It's amazing publicity. He also added that they may auction it at a fundraiser in the future.

Whether you consider this a relic or a commemoration of de Blasio's first mistake as New York City's mayor, the fork will live on, as will the image of de Blasio's etiquette. 

[via New York Times and DNAinfo]