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Outkast's Coachella reunion has some people so excited that they're literally recruiting others to make the experience more enjoyable. Two girls posted a Craigslist ad seeking "Coachella partners-in-crime and stand-in-Coachella boyfriends," which might be the best thing on the Internet recently. If you wow them, as well as meet their minimum requirements, you can serve as Trophy Boyfriend/Purse-Holder for Coachella Weekend l. 

First and foremost, you have to be into at least some of the acts. This includes the aforementioned Outkast, as well as Kid Cudi, Lorde, Fatboy Slim, Ellie Goulding (we'll let them rock for spelling her name wrong) and others.

Most importantly (and hilariously), you have to fit their equation for the perfect guy. This involves being "approximately 30% bro (don’t lie, there is a little of it in all of you—just admit it to yourself and save us time), 7.5% hipster/indie, 12.5% raver and 50% normal." They should've included a pie chart in the ad.

The fun-loving boyfriend-seekers ask that applicants reside in San Francisco, be at least  24-year-old, no shorter than 5'11" and have enough stamina to hoist them upon their bro shoulders so they can recite the lyrics to "Royals" from a perch of entitlement. If you can't hold your liquor and enjoy "whiney ass bitch music," don't waste your time—or theirs.

Two guys have gone above-and-beyond, submitting a Tumblr as an application, hence why the Internet is truly amazing.

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