Today marks the U.S. premiere of Downton Abbey’s fourth season. It's fitting that it coincides with the dawn of a new year, as many of us are in need of a fresh start, especially after the pain and suffering showrunner Julian Fellowes subjected viewers to in season three. The third season of England’s across-the-pond TV hit left most heartbroken and cuddling with pillows in the dark, ugly-crying over the tragedies Mr. Fellowes orchestrated. Many beloved characters left us for good last season, and it's been hard to move on.

But the new season is here, and we must brace ourselves for whatever challenges this season has in store, just as we must embrace the unknown of a new year. Will you face 2014 with determination and gumption, a la Cousin Isobel or Lady Edith? Or will you treat this year as any other, simply a duty you must properly fulfill, like the Dowager Countess or Mr. Carson? In other words, here's What Your Favorite Downton Abbey Character Says About You.

Written by Colleen Thornhill (@colleeneebeenee

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