Comedian Tyler Fischer posed as an Apple employee in four Apple stores last week in New York City.

Throughout the video, he tricks unsuspecting shoppers when it came to the specifications of numerous Apple products in the store. He tells one woman that the iPad Mini has “4,000 extra pixels per second milligram,” which he jokes is a “total change since last week.” Then, he talks to a couple looking at the iPhone 5S and tells them that the “iPhone Q” is releasing the next day, the “iPhone ZZ” the following day and the “iPhone QZR” right after, claiming that each one is a more advanced.

The best prank was Fischer telling a customer that if he knows anyone that has syphilis, they’ll get 75-percent off their purchased product because Apple invented several incurable diseases like Polio and Lyme Disease. So readers, please take it easy on people if they’re not that tech savvy. Chances are that they were wrongfully misinformed.

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[via Gawker]