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She works hard for the money.

Emmy Rossum is not your average everyday sex symbol. A trained opera singer who's been on stage since she was a child, she's grown up to become both a singular recording artist (her latest album, A Sentimental Journey, featured classic American standards from the '20s) and a serious actress so committed to her craft that she's willing to do whatever's necessary to bring her character to life. In the case of Fiona, the diligent daughter who holds the Gallagher family together on the acclaimed Showtime series Shameless, that means serious domestic drama as well as plenty of steamy sex scenes. And Rossum would be the first to point out that she always reveals more than her body; she also bares her character's soul. 

For our latest Complex cover story, Deputy Editor Justin Monroe journeyed to Chicago seeking to understand Rossum herself. They chatted over a glass of Pinot Noir and the actress reminisced about being raised by a Nazi nanny, explained why she decided not to be a pop singer, and revealed her policy on one-night stands. Photographer Tony Kelly created images that represent both her work ethic and her industrial-strength sex appeal. Our next issue won't hit newsstands for a few weeks but you can check out the Emmy Rossum cover story right now.

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