Elder Scrolls as a series as never dealt with the prospect of teamwork. Usually developer Bethesda's focus is on throwing one lone-wolf player into an enormous computer controlled sandbox to complete an epic journey just like in The Elder Scrolls: Skyrim. Now with the beta underway and pending released of The Elder Scrolls Online in a few short months, developers want gamers to know that teamwork will be essential to your survival in this new strange land.

Check out the developer gameplay above as a group takes on one of the dark anchors as the world of Cold Harbor tries to pull itself into yours. Players must defend themselves, support each other and interact with the anchor in order to come out on top.

Of course Elder Scrolls Online will have all the modern flair of massively multiplayer online games (MMO) including classes and leveling but classes in this title are very lose. Players can basically turn any one of their characters into another class. For example a sword wielding mage or a heavily armored scorer. Character types have been built less on unlocks than players deciding what to put their time into.

So while teamwork in essential to winning battles, notice how (in the gameplay above) individual players are still extremely tough. So while Bethesda is promoting teamwork it isn't wholly abandoning its lone-wolf past.

The Elder Scrolls Online drops on PC and Mac on April 4, followed by next-gen consoles in June. The beta is underway now, check out the end of the video to sign up.

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