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In the wake of Breaking Bad's triumphant exit, law enforcement agencies are reporting an increase of blue meth in New Mexico, perhaps as an homage to Walter White or Jesse Pinkman, or a haphazard attempt to be creative. That's essentially like calling your product "Blue Magic" after American Gangster was released.

The problem, according to Kevin Abar of Homeland Security Investigations, is that it's not as potent as the meth Walter and Jesse made on Breaking Bad:

That's because while it starts out 80-90 percent pure meth, once its shipped from Mexico second-hand dealers cut it with chemicals to make it blue. "Its truly bad,” Abar said, “It's a bad meth that's created a lot of individuals getting sick from utilizing it.”

Whereas blue meth made the Heisenberg brand stand out on Breaking Bad, it just makes this new, diluted meth more dangerous. "All it does is end you up in a place like this jail, institutions, death," says Jose Plata, who's been in and out of jail since first using the drug at the age of 14.

Just leave the legacy of Breaking Bad alone and come up with your own original, crappy meth.

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