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Nothing good can come out of agreeing to meet a group of teenagers in a parking lot to "practice medieval sword-fighting." 

Earlier this week, drug dealers Sebastian Wozniak and Anthony Klier explained to police in Westlake, Ohio that a band of teens robbed them after they met up for a sword-fighting session at a Taco Bell parking lot back on Sep. 4. They declined to disclose that their weed had been stolen, but authorities quickly figured out that it was a failed drug deal, because why else would anyone admit to something so ridiculously lame?

Anyway, the police determined that Wozniak and Klier got into a car with the teens to sell them $80 worth of weed. One of the bold kids pepper-sprayed Wozniak, snatched the weed and darted off. Wozniak and Klier were both arrested and charged with trafficking marijuana and obstructing justice, while the thieving teens are still on the loose. 

Meeting at a neutral place for a drug deal is probably a good gesture, but don't let some kids get the drop on you while you're playing Game of Thrones

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