Douchieness level: Instagramming stacks of cash

For the four years that Throwdown! with Bobby Flay was on TV, the world got 30 minutes a week of Flay being smug with a knife in hand. The premise of the show was trickery. The rundown of every episode: get a lesser-known chef all hype that they'll be on the Food Network for a special program, host a party with their family and friends, and then have Flay and his smirk crash said party and challenge the unsuspecting chef to a cook-off of a dish they've mastered cooking. Flay and his smirk always won. But before Flay was one-upping small-time chefs, he was offending entire cultures. Flay appeared in an Iron Chef Japan episode where he jumped and fist pumped on his cutting board after winning the challenge. Celebrating a victory is fine, but the cutting board is considered sacred to Japanese chefs, and was consider a major cultural faux-pas. Do better, Flay. Do better.