Douchebaggery does not discriminate. It creeps its way into the psyche of an unsuspecting person and all of a sudden you're wearing a fedora and driving a Segway across the street. This is why douchebags can be found in all shapes, sizes and scenarios: Charlie Sheen, every time Ashton Kutcher wears a trucker hat, and on most college lacrosse teams. But a unique flavor (sorry) of douchebag? The celebrity chef.

Long ago, in happier times, Food Network viewership was relegated to those actually interested/capable of cooking and those strange morning hours when there's nothing but infomercials on TV.  Then people realized the Food Network gave viewers the weird joy that comes from watching other people cook incredible food while your fridge sits empty. Culture shifted and the celebrity chef was born. Then the celebrity chef got a little too hype. All of a sudden, everyone with a spatula and a smile had a two shows, three books, and a line of cookware. Of course, with fame comes douchery. Here are the 10 douchiest moments in celeb chef history. And, yes, Gordon Ramsay is on the list. 

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