Let's think. What are some things you could do with $1,300? You could buy a new Macbook. You could put a down-payment on a car. You could buy a round-trip plane ticket to London. Hell, you could blow it all on bottle service at Hyde so you can impress that snotty Santa Monica socialite you've been crushing on. Or, you can spend it all while idling away in traffic for mind-numbing, fuel-wasting hours of your life. A Texas A&M study says that not only is Los Angeles one of the most congested cities in the country, but that traffic eats up $1,300 a year for the average Angeleno in fuel prices and time wasted alone. That doesn't even count all the other incidentals like that super necessary Flaming Hot Cheetos and Mountain Dew pitstop between point A and point B. What do most other Americans spend? Only about $818.