Dead Rising 3 has a brand new downloadable content (DLC) add-on in Operation Broken Eagle that is set to drop tomorrow on Xbox One with a massive 13GB – and by some reports larger – update to “ensure compatibility with the online players and all of the upcoming add-on content that's coming out shortly as well.”

This DLC focuses on the story of hardman Adam Kane who must rescue the President of the United States from the zombie hordes. This will be the first of four planned expansions, all of which “intertwine and relate back' to the main story. Some new weapons, including a chaingun, and new custom vehicles are also inbound.

"We basically wanted to take the approach of looking at what happened in the story from different points of view of the different characters and groups of characters that were involved in the main story," said Josh Bridge, producer of DR3 to Xbox Newswire . "We built this concept of 'The Untold Stories of Los Perdidos' and we've put together four episodes and each one of them revolves around a different new main character that you play and how their story intertwines with the Dead Rising 3 story."

Unfortunately none of the DLC packs support co-op because developers want to focus on the single players experience. If you don't have a Dead Rising 3 Season pass this new DLC Operation Broken Eagle will put you out $9.99 on the Xbox One.

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[Via OXM, Xbox]