A man travelling from California to Chicago was arrested by the DEA aboard an Amtrak train on Tuesday after agents discovered a cast on his right leg containing over a kilo of cocaine. 

Federal records show that agents approached 21-year-old Daniel Ramirez of San Bernadino when the train stopped in Albuquerque, NM. Ramirez told authorities that he was making the journey to visit a friend, but they noticed how "increasingly nervous" he looked. That, coupled with the cast's uneven texture, shape and size, made them suspicious. 

Ramirez was asked to remove a sock, and as he did, the bottom of the cast started crumbling and "[fell] off the bottom of his foot." Agents also noticed what looked like a plastic bag inside of the cast. 

After obtaining a search warrant, five heat-sealed bags of cocaine were removed from inside of the cast. Ramirez will face felony drug charges.

[via The Smoking Gun]