No matter how terrifying a survival horror game is, its hard to play a second time and still be frightened. Players know just when the scary parts are coming and close their eyes tight. Wait, you don't do that? New horror title Daylight aims to remedy this with procedurally generated frights, meaning every time you play the creeps will be coming from different sources, yikes.

Daylight starts off with the player waking up in an abandoned hospital where the only source of light is the character's phone. To keep terror from becoming routine the developer, Zombie Studios, has developed a system where the scares will be procedurally generated, which is a fancy (and more accurate) way of saying randomly generated. You never know where the next freak-out it coming from.

Check out the trailer above and don't forget to charge your phone before the next time you wake up in an abandoned hospital. Daylight is headed to PC and PlayStation 4.

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[Via Kotaku]