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There is a brand new Dark Souls 2 trailer out to remind gamers that while they may be hyped about Namco-Bandai's new action-adventure game, its waiting to knock them down to size. The humble players; the cursed.

Just like the - now classic - Dark Souls players will be thrown into some of the most hostile and difficult environments ever created. Designed with only one thing in mind, to punish you. How quickly gamers forget the nights spent up slowly rocking back and forth with salty cheeks muttering things like “why are there two Gargoyles? Why?! The bell is right there!”

Dark Souls 2 looks to continue the tradition of the epically hard and mysterious game by once again offering up unapologetically difficult gameplay that takes a serious investment of gamer time. The open-world is available and free to explore if you can figure it out and keep from dying long enough to stay interested. Most players have a love/hate relationship with Dark Souls and the punishing brutality will once again have us up all night wondering where the hell did it all go wrong.

Dark Souls 2 drops in North America on Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3 on March 11.

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