When it comes to the home entertainment spectrum, ultra HDTVs are becoming the wave of the future. Ain't no denying that. However, the platform's suffered a slow start on the consumer front due to its lack of 4K-supported content and ridiculously expensive cost. Reference Samsung’s 85-inch, $40,000 UHD TV shown at last year’s Consumer Electronics Show. But with the recent announcements of content providers such as Google, Netflix, and Sony all supporting 4K videos—the focus now lies on the two other major selling points—price and size.  

Vizio pretty much came into CES 2014 declaring war against the competition by unveiling the biggest and most stunning Ultra Hi-Def TV ever created. We’re talking about its 120-inch Reference Series display. No typo. A freaking 120-inch UHD TV. 

The size alone on this thing is overwhelming for any average viewer to take in, but after checking it out in action, even I was persuaded to knock down the bedroom wall and turn my apartment into a studio just to make space for this ginormous beauty. The combination of visually stunning output mated with a 5.1 sound bar and 10-inch wireless subwoofer will transformer your living room into a glorious theater. 

While no price tag has been attached to its 120-inch model, Vizio announced plans of bringing a series of 4K TVs to the market at under $1,000. MSRP aside, the Reference Series is a clear standout for 'Best of CES' honors and is arguably be the best-looking display we ever laid eyes on that we can't afford.

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