The Extinction mode in Call of Duty: Ghosts was a welcome surprise to a series desperately needing some new flavor. Now with a brand new expansion DLC launching in just a few short days, Onslaught, the Extinction mode is also getting expanded with Episode 1: Nightfall.

Extinction builds on Call of Duty's winning formula of multiplayer but this time around pits a co-op team against hordes of aliens – or are they?! - as the team captures points by drilling into and destroying hives. This episode of extinction seems to take a more story-driven tone trying to put some meaning behind the mayhem.

Onslaught also introduces four new maps for multiplayer and one intriguing twist in the map Fog. In Fog players can complete field orders to unlock Halloween’s Michael Myers complete with theme music and an ax. Talk about up close and personal. Another addition is a remake of classic Call of Duty map that takes place at a rocket test facility like Florida's Cape Canaveral where players can trigger a screaming hydrogen-fueled fire of death upon their foes or more likely themselves.

Call of Duty: Ghosts latest expansion Onslaught drops on January 28. Check out the trailer for Onslaught below.

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