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You always feel like a complete idiot when you try to push a door open when there's a sign right in front of your face that clearly reads "Pull." An idiot almost-robber in Chicago made that mistake, wasting several minutes while trying to break into Wicker Park bar The Shambles last Friday morning.

Though he had the audacity to attempt this in broad daylight, he lacked the intelligence (or common sense) to try and pull the door open. Eventually, he tired of failing miserably and fled. 

The suspect is still at large and police are investigating a string of attempted break-ins in the area, but Shambles owner Joe Lin remains amused by the near-thief's stupidity. "It's much funnier on the video, but the still shots show him pulling on the door. He could have pushed it," a joking Lin told DNAinfo Chicago. 

Crime isn't for everyone.

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