This week, players from the Super Bowl-bound Seattle Seahawks and Denver Broncos have been taking in all that New York City (and East Rutherford, NJ) has to offer. Food, parties, you name it. That is, except for Broncos linebacker Nate Irving, who has spent the time playing Pokémon.

Irving, 25, is not surprising his Broncos teammates by spending the week in his Jersey City hotel room.

"He does little weird things," Broncos defensive end Robert Ayers told the Wall Street Journal.

Irving doesn't mind.

"I know not too many people are into the things I'm into," he said. "I just embrace that and I enjoy it." 

There's no word as to which version of Pokémon Irving prefers (Red/Blue? Gold/Silver? Black/White? X/Y? Pokémon Snap?), but he's known for playing video games in his spare time. USA Today points out that he would play Call of Duty for up to ten hours in the off-season.

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