Big Entourage movie news: With shooting fully underway, it looks like we're finally getting a bit more information about what this movie will entail. Turns out, Dracula! According to Indiewire, the plot of the film is going to surround Vincent Chase (Adrian Grenier) starring in a Dracula movie thanks to Billy Bob Thornton. Which brings us to our next item of news: Billy Bob Thornton has joined the cast of the Entourage movie.

According to The Hollywood Reporter

The usual girl-chasing and party-hopping figures into the plot, but so does the making of a big-budget Dracula movie that is to star Vinnie Chase, the hunk played by Grenier.

Thornton will play a billionaire cowboy turned film financier who puts up money for the Dracula movie and sends his 20-something son to L.A. to keep an eye on his investment.

That seems like it'll work out well.

The Entourage film is currently shooting in Los Angeles, and should be released some time next year.

[via Indiewire]