Nearly 30 years after The Cosby Show first premiered on NBC, Deadline is reporting that Bill Cosby is heading back to the network in a new show that is currently in development. The yet-untitled comedy will see Cosby re-teaming with Cosby Show producer Tom Werner for a series about the struggles of marriage and parenting. It seems like it will be a classic Cosby premise, which should come as a crushing disappointment to the dozens of Cosby Mysteries fans out there. 

Of course, Cosby will play the patriarch of this multi-generational clan, and the site is reporting that the plan is for the show to have a positive message and reach a wider audience. It’s safe to assume that NBC is hoping for a homerun here because the network hasn’t had much luck bringing big ratings to its comedies in recent years. Fortunately, there aren’t many names bigger in the sitcom world than Cosby.

Cosby and Werner are currently meeting with writers for the show, so it looks like the network is hoping this project can go before cameras soon. Can Cosby still connect with the younger generations? It seems like NBC is banking on it.

[via Deadline]