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Being able to sustain an erection for an extended period of time isn't all its cracked up to be, especially when your erection lasts for weeks. It was a hard seven weeks for one man, who suffered the long-lasting erection following a mountain bike crash.

According to the Irish Examiner, the incident left the 22-year-old with an "ongoing 'high-flow' priapism 'with rigid erection.'" That rigid erection maintained for five weeks before the man sought medical attention. How did he function in society during that period?

Anyway, he eventually ended up at Tallaght Hospital in Dublin, Ireland, where it took doctors two more weeks to find a cure. Their solution doesn't sound pleasant, at all:

Medics initially tried to treat the condition with "manual compression" that resulted in the resolution of the erection, but it rapidly returned.

The staff then tried a pressure dressing that was in place for two weeks "but release of pressure caused immediate recurrence of priapism".

Medics eventually treated the man after inserting gel foam and four tiny platinum coils at an abnormal connection between an artery and a vein that supplied blood to the man’s penis. This reduced the high-flow blood supply to the penis, ending the erection.

Nearly two months with a raging boner sounds is the equivalent Hell on Earth. This man survived it, and will most likely never wait to seek medical attention again.

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