The ball dropped, you proceeded to binge eat (and drink), and the drunk talk of making your New Year’s resolution to lose weight all came flooding out. Everyone at the party called bullshit and suddenly all those insecurities of being obese became too emotionally unbearable to handle. Truth hurts. But when it comes to staying fit and living a healthy lifestyle—we can all use a motivator—a digital enabler capable of measuring our physical activity and using such biometric data to encourage a steady exercise regiment. 

Fitness trackers are the latest craze, ushering in the new category of wearable tech, which is taking the consumer market and industry by storm thanks to the contributions of Nike and FitBit. A number of other companies have already jumped on the craze, creating their own exercise bands and accessories to boost health morale amongst the gym-seeking faithful. Fall under the same category? Stay active by checking out the Best Fitness Trackers to Keep You Fit in 2014.

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