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Microsoft spokesman and even handed dealer of recon-inflicted death Larry “Major Nelson” Hryb shows players how to unlock one of the recon classes sweetest toys in Battlefield 4. The SUAV is like the tiny radio-controlled planes you built in school, except it has a laser designator and can be flown into opponents for propeller driven head shots, but don't do that.

The new toy can be unlocked in Battlefield 4: China Rising DLC and in this case is featured on the “Silk Road” map. Unlocking the drone requires a ribbon awarded when a player gets a kill with the bomber on any game maps. A nice tip from the Major is to use a plane to get the bomber control point way before anyone else and start glasses those lovely silica dunes.


After which gamers can get their hands on the tiny, yet effective SUAV. A propeller-driven, radio-controlled plane that allows the recon class to sniff out other snipers and laser designate tanks as they roll in. Some players have been using the SUAV as a mini kamikaze to dive bomb opponents. While the rules of war are unfair and cruel, the rules of the game – and the mob – may mean that doing this too often will probably get you booted.

Battlefield 4 has had ongoing server issues from the start. Developer DICE is released the latest patch yesterday for PC and today for PlayStation users and should download automatically when players log into their Origin multiplayer accounts. DICE says the latest patch increases stability and plugged the terrifying-sounding problem of “memory leak.” Other notable fixes included sound-looping issues and a fix to make Attack Jets and Stealth Jets easier to fly.

DICE is in full crunch mode, saying that it would delay all other work until Battlefield 4 was up and running as it should be. Expect more patches throughout January.

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