Excited for next season of Banshee yet? Take this opportunity to get even more stoked about it: The show's network, Cinemax, has just released a bunch of new Vines featuring characters like Lucas, Job, and Carrie to promote the upcoming second season. Pay special attention to Job's—it's pretty much perfect.

Most interesting about these Vines, however, is actually the fact that this marks the first time a TV show has used the characters themselves in a series of Vines, rather than just posting a short behind-the-scenes clip from production. Each Vine clip features character revealing one thing about themselves: Whether a hope, a thought, an opinion, or a fear going through their head. Put together, it all sort of gives us a semblance of an idea of what to expect from these guys next season—or, at least, what they might be thinking.

You can check out a few of the Vines below, or take a look at the entire series on Cinemax's Vine page. Banshee returns for season two on January 10th.