Considering the fact that Back to the Future is one of the best film trilogies ever of all time, it's about time that it got its own little musical version. According to Slashfilm, a Back to the Future musical is in the works, and should premiere on London's West End sometime in 2015.

Not to worry that the script won't add up to the source material's flawlessness: Robert Zemeckis, who directed and wrote all three films will be writing the show's book with BTTF writer Bob Gale. Jamie Lloyd, who recently directed James McAvoy in a West End production of Macbeth, will direct the musical. 

From the press release:

Bob Gale said, "The Back to the Future Musical is a project that Bob Zemeckis and I have been exploring for almost ten years. We're thrilled to be at last in partnership with a creative and producing team that will create a show that is true to the spirit of the film without being a slavish remake. Director Jamie Lloyd is full of passion, energy and imaginative ideas and we are overjoyed to have the film's composer Alan Silvestri composing the music, with lyrics by Glen Ballard who has also collaborated with Zemeckis before on many projects. With all of us working together, we know the integrity of the material will be preserved in a production that will be a wonderful companion to the Trilogy. We intend to use music from the movie along with brand new songs to make a version of Back to the Future that is fresh, entertaining, and takes advantage of all the amazing things that can now be done on stage. We can't think of a better way to celebrate the 30th anniversary of the film."

Now, the only question—will they be keeping Chuck Berry music in the production?

[via Slashfilm]