2013 was good to Kendrick—no, not that Kendrick. We’re talking about the Internet's new favorite person, Anna Kendrick. The 28-year-old actress been on the come-up for awhile, but she's finally getting some well-deserved recognition. She killed it last year with Drinking Buddies and her triple-platinum record "Cups," and it looks like she’s off to a great 2014 with her films Life After Beth, The Voices, and Happy Christmas, all of which premiered at Sundance.

If that wasn’t enough evidence, she just had the best week ever

At the Grammys, we were left wondering what Anna Kendrick’s and Pharrell’s rendition of “Drunk in Love” would’ve looked like. We’re betting she’s a pro at the “surfbort”—maybe even better than Vin Diesel. Maybe. But the highlight? It was definitely her getting lucky and meeting one of the most talked about acts during music’s biggest night: Pharrell's hat.


Anna Kendrick is one of us: she's part of the #beyhive and she uses Instagram filters like a manic tween with a One Direction photo. Not to mention, she made all of mankind jealous when she admitted to getting her cleavage “finger-banged” by Katy Perry. That is, if you're into that sort of thing.


Watching the pint-size actress throw a humongous diva-like fit over a "failed" Super Bowl commercial has never been funnier—mainly because she pokes fun at her “indie cred” and gives us new hashtags to use on the reg, like #approachablehot. 

At this point, the only way she could kill it even more is if she won the Power Ball or was actually considered "beer commercial hot" enough to have her ad air during the S**** B***.

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