In September 2007, University of Florida student Andrew Meyer earned his place in pop culture history when he attempted to ask then-Sen. John Kerry a string of questions and ended up on the business end of campus police officer Tasers. The fruit of the incident was Meyer's infamous quote, "Don't tase me, bro!"

In the years since the incident, Meyer, now 27 has continued fighting the good fight. He attended law school at Florida International University and has recently been hired as a staff writer for Miami-based First Amendment blog Photography Is Not a Crime (PINAC). The blog was founded by photojournalist Carlos Miller following his arrest for photographing Miami police officers while on assignment for a news site:

Charged with nine misdemeanors, Miller created the blog to document his trial, thinking he would run it for a few months at the most.

But as his trial was prolonged for longer than a year in a series of rejected plea deals, judicial resignations and prosecutorial scandals, the blog grew in popularity with readers from around the country sending him stories of photographers getting arrested, which he documented on the blog, revealing an epidemic crackdown against citizens with cameras.

Miller touts Meyer as an extremely valuable addition to the PINAC team, adding that the "Don't tase me, bro" incident was one of the site's original posts:

Meyer’s education, coupled with his passion for free speech, will give PINAC a solid journalistic boost as well as a fresh (maybe not so jaded) perspective.

Turning a landmark viral moment into success in a non-exploitative way is the way to go. Now revisit the moment that spawned a thousand memes:

[via Gakwer and Photography Is Not a Crime]