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Colorado and Washington's decision to legalize marijuana for recreational purposes is going to result in a lot of awkward, yet hilarious weed coverage. One early nugget of excellence is Anderson Cooper making fun of fellow CNN anchor and correspondent Randi Kaye for catching a contact high during a segment of the network's "Gone to Pot" series. 

During the Ridiculist portion of last night's AC360, Cooper goes in on Kaye for perhaps enjoying her time in Colorado a little too much. Kaye, her ear-to-ear grin and all, eventually admitted to being high off contact at one point during her travels. Cooper was convinced she was high when they spoke, which she very well could've been.

Cooper's weed puns ("got in contact with some sources"; "joint investigation") are about as entertaining as watching Kaye—who, at one point, was glowing like 17-year-old who just did her first bong riphold an eighth of weed or say "sativa" and "indica." Kaye even mentioned seeing joints that were "the size of small cannons," which drew Cooper's infamous giggles.

This is for Randi Kaye and all of the journalists who will find themselves accidentally high and loving it during 2014:

[via Gawker]

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