You've waited a long time for this moment—which is weird, because you never want community college to start again in real life. It's totally depressing and filled with moms whose kids are in school and they need something to do, half of your graduating high school class, and retired 60-somethings looking for a little learning. But we digress. Community, which premiered on NBC last night, takes all of that and makes it hilarious. And Alison Brie takes all of that and makes it adorably hilarious.

In honor of her perfect comedic delivery, and her perfect face, we're giving you some Alison Brie reaction gifts, mostly because we never graduated from college and we have some free time on our hands

The girl you've been thirsting for just sent you a Snapchat at 3 a.m. on a Saturday night.

Hot, sexy singles in your area are looking to meet NOW!

When you find out someone has a crush on you despite your awful personality.

Those weren't just normal brownies at the party.

You didn't keep up and now you're the sober one at the bar and you have to get all your hot mess friends home.

Your sock is all bunched up at the bottom of your boot.

Posing for #selfiesunday like...

When your significant other texts you the ";)" face at the end of any sentence. 

Your friends bring up a totally inappropriate story that the other people you're with don't need to know about. 

"Party in the USA" comes on your iTunes. 

Your one-night stand just asked if you were already "in" yet, and yeah, you are. 

You go to the bathroom at a party but the toilet is already clogged, so everyone is going to think it was you.

Your friend is showing you a photo on their phone and you innocently swipe just one picture and find a dick pic.

You ordered your food and didn't notice that the restaurant says it'll take "60-75 minutes" to arrive. 

Your friend says, "Remember when you dated..."

When Fergie said, "Y'all ain't ready for this," in "London Bridge" you were all, "Shut up, radio, don't tell me what I am and am not ready for. I'm a grown up."

Written by Hope Schreiber (@HopeSchreiber)

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