Android might have more smartphones in users' hands, but Apple is still managing to make more money from apps than they are.

Apple made $10 billion from apps in 2013, its best year ever for the App Store, with $1 billion coming in December alone. So, even though Android owns more of the market, thanks to their lower priced phones being a factor, how come Apple is able to make more money off of apps? With Apple bringing in close to $5.1 million in revenue from apps a day, and Android reportedly bringing in an estimated $1.1 million, the difference is pretty large. If there are a few things on the surface to point out, it's partly because Apple allows developers to make more money off of their apps, another reason for them to flock there. And the more apps, the better. Google Play is known to have a little bit of a malware problem, which could keep potential buyers at bay. Also, more iPhone users have installed iOS 7 than Android users have of the latest version of Google's OS, which means less fragmentation in their user base.

Keep the developers happy, and the customers will be happy too.

[via Gigaom]