Social media continues to be the main way we share the precious moments of our lives. It's a great way to share things with family and friends, but if it's used right, it could also help land you a job. Take Twitter, for instance. It's quick, easy to use, and how someone uses those 140 characters to express themselves can teach employers a lot about them. They can either use those characters to articulate a profound experience, share a photograph, relay breaking news, or respond to someone else's tweet. If curated right, your Twitter profile can be your own business card of sorts, a brief snapshot of your interests, how they relate to your potential employers, and how much of the subject in question is a part of your life—it could also show potential employers how much bullshit you're feeding them on your resume. Hey, 37 percent of employers says they check out social media. Here are 15 Ways You Can Use Twitter to Help You Get a Job or Internship.

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