2014 is officially here. It's time to put an end to perfunctory glorification of all the was great in 2013 and contemplate what we are going to leave behind in the New Year. 2013 proved that GIFs are now the official language of the Internet, and much like Shakespeare proved with actual language, it is vital that they be a living, breathing form of communication. A New Year should mean new GIFs. Before we embrace the many many MANY GIFs to come in 2014, we need to get rid of some of the old to make room for the new. No, we won't be jettisoning clutch GIFs like Rob Ford playing the bongos, Michelle Obama side-eyes, or the Russian Meteor, but some GIFs that have grown near and dear to your Tumblrs need to go. Some are tasteless; some are overused; some are simply to powerful for the Internet. It may hurt at first, but it will be best for all of us in the long run. Here are 15 GIFs We Can Retire Now.