Unless you're from there, chances are your biggest exposure to the city of Baltimore, Maryland, comes from endlessly re-watching episodes of The Wire. But Stringer Bell, Brother Mouzone, and Bodie are, of course, fictional. In the real-life streets of Baltimore, the city's most compelling characters can be found riding dirt bikes down the streets on Sunday afternoons, popping dangerous wheelies and speeding through otherwise quiet areas much to many of the residents' and all of the police officers' chagrin.

They're known as the 12 O'Clock Boys, and they're the subject of the debut director of the same name from filmmaker Lotfy Nathan. Almost a year after its triumphant premiere at the 2013 SXSW Film Festival, 12 O'Clock Boys is opening in theaters this weekend, and it may very well end up on year-end "Best Documentaries of 2014" lists, for good reason. Taking the Hoop Dreams approach, Nathan's observational film embeds the viewer into the dirt bike riders' everyday lives, centering on a 12-year-old kid named Pug, whose youthful excitement over watching adults race through town grows into a hardened, first-person involvement.

In this exclusive Complex TV preview, which you can check out above, you'll get a feel for the engrossing, all-access feel of Nathan's critically acclaimed doc. It's the perfect appetizer before seeing the film itself when 12 O'Clock Boys hits theaters this Friday. And check back in Friday for our interview with Lotfy Nathan.

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