The response to the first day of legal weed in Colorado was overwhelmingly positive. 

According to Colorado's 9 News, marijuana shops across the state did record numbers on day one, raking in over $ 1 million. Smokers, who can now be referred to as "shoppers," came out in droves to legally purchase marijuana for recreational purposes, long lines be damned. 

Andre Barr, who journeyed from Niles, Mich., said the wait "[was] nothing," as he was just happy to be a part of history. Of the 24 weed shops that were open in Colorado on Wednesday, the bulk of them were located in Denver. With the exception of the aforementioned long lines and the occasional instance of public smoking, there was no conflict.

The state estimates that weed sales could amount to $600 million by year's end, including $67 million in taxes. Now Colorado has other states looking at them like:


[via 9 News]

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