For a game with as much potential as Remember Me has in just its premise, it falls, and does so hard.

What starts out as what might seem like a 1984 esque cautionary tale about the evolutionary reliance on the cloud comes up completely short early in, showing a reliance on tired genre tropes in a number of weak attempts to manipulate you into caring about one of most poorly written characters of the year (whom in very Crofitan fashion does an emotional 180 from simpering victim to inexorable killing machine in about five minutes). Like Remember Me's fundamentally broken combat system – which succumbs to its own egregiously tedious fundamentals after a few short hours, punishing you for trying to play the game how the designers seemingly wanted you to – the game seems afraid to say anything unique or original, doubling back on any initially implied narrative innovation that might push the player to think about the context of their in-game actions in a different light.

All that's left is a lot of wasted potential and hours of your life you'll never get back.