Take a look at all of those critics' groups and individual critics' group's lists floating around this month and one thing is clear: 2013 has been an amazing year for movies. Gravity, Inside Llewyn Davis, 12 Years a Slave, Short Term 12—the lineup of the year's best films goes on and on, so much so that the next Academy Awards ceremony, scheduled for March 2, 2014, seems anything but locked up so far. So many worthy Best Picture nominees, and no clear-cut frontrunner. Which, as any self-respecting cinephile will tell you, is exactly how it should be.

While it would be easy, and much more pleasant, to just focus on those aforementioned films and others of their caliber, it's time to bring the mood down a bit here. For every two or three stellar motion pictures released this year, there was one absolute stinker, and by "absolute," think Movie 43-quality terrible. The only awards and honors that will be bestowed upon such soul-crushing films are those dreaded Razzies and, naturally, our annual countdown of the worst movies of the year. As you're about to see, 2013 had no shortage of big-screen direness.