Bothell, Wash. resident Dandy Weyn is determined to catch the woman who's been stealing packages from he and his neighbors' front porches. "I'm actually planning on a box out, the box is there but I haven't done it yet, and just put a tracking device in so you can capture where they're going," he told KIRO7 Eyewitness News.

The woman was caught, package in hand, thanks to  Weyn's Logitech Alert system last week. Another neighbor, Sandy Madan, said she thought it was a mistakeuntil she learned it happened more than once. "I assumed it was a mix up in the delivery until I started hearing that it was happening to other people," she said.

If the bandit is stupid enough to strike again with the heat on her, she deserved whatever happens to her, plus a swift kick in the ass.

[via Gawker and KIRO7 Eyewitness News]