Video games is undoubtedly an expensive hobby for enthusiasts maintain but somehow, the business is able to consistently pull in billions of dollars every year. The launch of the PS4 and Xbox One ushered in unprecedented price tags for video game consoles that customers were more than willing to pay. If people are willing to scrape up the cash for a $500-600 video game console—not including games and accessories—then why wouldn't they go the extra mile to spend more on the top-of-the-line items.

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Paying $26,000 for a PC gaming rig sounds ridiculous to someone only looking to play a round of Solitaire every now and then, but to the most hardcore gamer, the quality and extra functions are well worth it. $360 for an Xbox 360 controller is a steal for a first person shooter fiend who has an ego the size of the last map they've mastered.

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These Video Game Lifestyle Items to Buy When Money is No Object include finds that fall anywhere from super rare to incredibly tricked out. If the dough is right, it's possible to own a piece of gaming history or something that will have haters simmering in their own tears.