An engineer at Valve, that magical dream factory recently responsible for the Steam Machines project and the Steam game delivery service, has an engineer working on alternative controllers for video games. One uses the tongue to swipe a cursor across a screen and the other your bottom. Check out the videos below.

Ben Krasnow developed the tongue and -more classily put - posture-based devices for use with virtual reality. The fact that Valve has engineers working on problems like how to play Borderlands with your butt is already mind-blowing.

The tongue controller is a reworked laser mouse put into a retainer-like housing. Users swipe their tongues across the top of their mouths to direct to the cursor. The posture-based controller is a bathroom scale reworked to turn a character right or left when sat upon and has a limited range of motion, no spinning allowed.

It’s interesting to see what else Valve is working on besides it Steam Machines and constantly denying the existence of Half-Life 3, the truth is out there.

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[Via IGN]

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