Tom Hanks is Hollywood’s moral compass. He’s never involved in scandal, he seems to have a compulsion to give to any charity he can get his hands on, and he and his wife, Rita Wilson, look like the type of non-threatening couple that would have you over for charades and an ugly Christmas sweater party. He's the sort of nice guy who makes you just want to hate him. But instead you just rack yourself with guilt over the mere thought of ever hating someone so genuinely kind-hearted. It's a vicious cycle of self loathing known as the Hanks Effect.

However, just because Hanks is almost always nice doesn’t mean he never sinks down to the level of the unwashed masses. Early in his career he was known as a character actor who starred in a string of lowbrow comedies, which often featured crude humor, nudity, and shockingly foul language. Hey, even the best of us have our bad days, and Hanks certainly isn’t immune to that.

As the world celebrates Hanks’ messianic return in Saving Mr. Banks this weekend (playing Walt Disney, no less), it’s time to throw some shade on the parade with a look back at Tom Hanks’ Meanest Moments in Movies. After this, you’ll realize that, even when Tom Hanks is at his meanest, he’s still better than you.

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