A lost copy of a Dreamcast beta for ToeJam and Earl 3: Mission to Earth was discovered by a lucky Dreamcast owner who happened upon it when buying a new developer kit.

ToeJam and Earl 3 was in development for Dreamcast and Nintendo 64 though both were scraped ahead of the 2002 Xbox release. The beta is available for free at Assembler Games for anyone with a Dreamcast lounging in your closet. Development kits are used to test new games and older systems dev kits have become collectors items.

User ZakHooiTM stumbled upon the game when he picked up a Dreamcast developer kit from eBay. "When I received the devkit I was eager to see what was on the internal hard drive (all devkits have one, except older versions)," ZakHooiTM wrote. "I connected the kit to my PC and opened Windows Explorer, there where the raw files of the game...I just got very lucky to find the game assets and the binary to boot the game."

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[Via Polygon]